Urine VS. Blood: Which Should You Test For Drugs?

Drug testing is only a common pre-employment criteria these days, owing to the safety protocols followed to ensure a safer work environment for all those involved. Especially in the case of few critical jobs like the public transportation, the healthcare, the police department and so on, the need to perform the drug testing on the applicant is only obvious as not only his/her life but also the precious lives of the public are at peril here.

So, if you are expected to undergo one for the above-mentioned valid reasons you should be careful enough to choose the right testing method so that you do not end up being rejected. Yes, even though you are not a drug addict or an occasional consumer of illicit drugs, many over the counter medicines can make you test positive for the drugs, which means you have to choose the appropriate testing method, especially among the commonly used blood or urine method to avoid any dismissals and embarrassments.

  • Blood Test

If you are not sure whether the over the counter medicine that you are consuming is free of suspicious drugs then, avoid undertaking the blood test because it not only provides an accurate result but also it is impossible to camouflage the drug’s presence in the blood that naturally portrays you as a guilty for no offense of yours. Also, finding the history of drug addiction is quite possible using the blood sample and hence, obviously not a suitable choice if you are an intentional drug consumer.

  • Urine Test

This method is the best one, which any of the candidates should opt for to prove his/her innocence because apart from being a non-invasive and a non-painful method, you can also find effective ways to conceal the presence of unaware drugs in your body, quite easily. For example, this site has great tips for passing a urine drug test that are not only effective but also easy to be pursued by anyone and everyone concerned!