Oral Health For All Stages Of Life

The more the emphasis of dental health the better:

Like all good habits, healthy dental habits must start right from a very early age and must continue till the end. It is not because of the cosmetic benefits of it but because it is connected with all the other faculties of the body as well.

I remember so well when I was young and quite lackadaisical about my oral hygiene I used to have headaches very often. The visit to the dentist was given those days in my household where mom and dad took us for bi-annual checkups and he would once in a while numb our mouth to pull out a decaying tooth. The real problem would start once the anesthesia would start to wear off and we would realize that the nerves of the head almost up to the jaw were strained even when we had to open our mouth to eat or speak.

I wish we had paid more heed to oral hygiene then:

Now when I look back, I seem to regret a wee bit that if I had taken a little more care of my teeth, probably I would have not got my dentures in early fifties itself. Well, let the bygones be bygones, but I definitely make it a point to tell my grandchildren when they visit me to take good care of their teeth and mouth hygiene. The little one, Jacob, particularly sneers at me when he sees me removing my dentures or fixing them back!

Recently this new problem:

I had this problem of my denture becoming loose every few months. The dentist I see told me it’s because of shrinking of the jaw bones. She recommended a new powder adhesive which has worked wonders for me since. There is a small pharmacy across my street and I got the best denture glue for my teeth here. If you have dentures that loosen with time, you must talk to your dentist and get denture glue for yourself. It saves a lot of embarrassment when your grandchildren are around, I’d like to add!