My Experience That Thought Me The Connection Between Clean Carpet And Health

I discovered the connection only after a horrible experience:

It was in winter of that year that we had shifted into the new house. The house was bare except for the carpets and the modular kitchen that the previous home owners had left behind. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the carpet was to not have them even one minute longer.

Even though there were no stains and it was immaculately maintained there was something going on at the back of my mind. The previous experience kept haunting me and surely enough I had reason to be paranoid.

Three years ago, when we had shifted into our previous home, we could not really afford to change the carpet and thus we used the carpet area the same way that it came with the house. I was expecting my first child then. I was also clocking in three hours of desk work from home and I was not able to vacuum the house more than once in a week.

My scans were normal but:

I was at my obstetrician and six months into pregnancy when my doctor reported that everything was fine with the fetus. One week later, I had to be taken to the hospice in an ambulance because of some kind of rash that I was developing all over my body.

The rash could only be contained if I took a medicine that would be extremely harmful for the baby inside. This dilemma was heart breaking. The doctors went ahead and prescribed the medicine at the risk f losing my baby!

The bug that had bit me was found in hordes at the base of the carpet that was all over the house. Thankfully, there was no untoward incident with the baby and I recovered in some time but I was also into severe depression because of all this development.

Once bitten twice shy:

This time the carpet was pulled out and a new one laid instead and now every six months I call a company to do the cleaning. This is the best carpet cleaner in Las Vegas and I must say the service is really impressive.