Have You Been Suffering Bad Hair Days Lately?



Imagine you have been to a salon and got a comprehensive hair care treatment done; spa et al and then within three days you start dreading the fact that your hair has already lost the sheen that it had when you walked out of the salon!

You try to decipher why your hair is acting up and why it cannot shine the way other people’s does. Well, a little introspection does yield you the answer to your quest and you realized that you have not oiled your hair sufficiently well all these years because you never wanted it to stick to your scalp. Additionally, you have never been prudent enough to cover up your once beautiful and bouncy mane from the travails of the mighty sun! Wait, Sunlight?!

But you always thought sunlight was good for your hair! After all it provides the hair with vitamin D that nothing else can!

You are confused!

Well, let me explain. Even though sun is the best source of deriving Vitamin D, too much exposure to the sunlight and the other harmful rays of sunlight including the UV rays can damage the upper protective layer of the hair resulting in the loss of shine and also leading to damaged hair, split ends and uncontrolled frizz.

The treatment:

The best course to follow is to maintain a well oiled mane especially using jasmine infused coconut oil for the right grease and fragrance. Washing your hair twice a week and going out covered in the sun especially with a scarf are the things you will need to create a habit about. Additionally, taking supplementary tablets of Vitamin E and other minerals like phosphate and iron is definitely going to help the cause of hair fall and prevent bad hair days. One last thing is never comb/brush your hair even if they are slightly damp. Use them only when they are completely dry.