Basketball Shoes for Aspiring Professionals

  • Investing in a good suitable pair of shoes is imperative for any sports person. For an aspiring basketball player, choosing the most suitable shoes for running, jumping, and making those quick changes in direction is probably the best decision that can make or break his game. It is essential that the basketball shoes be of high quality and minimizes the possibility of ankle, foot, and leg injuries.
  • So, how does one choose the perfect basketball shoes? The best qualities of a basketball shoes that even Jordan could wear are given below:
  • The first thing that you can do towards this is to get your feet measured at an athletic shoes store for professionals. A correct measurement of feet will help you decide whether you require a with a wide or narrow fit.
  • Your shoes need to suit your style of play in basketball, or whatever your role in the team.For example,if you are a power player, heavier pair of shoes packed with strength to sustain maybe suitable for you; Or if you are a quickie, agile player whose presence is required all over the court, a lightweight cushioned shoe with lot of grip is needed to give you the fast movement, support, and flexibility.
  • Any good basketball shoe pair needs to give its wearer, support; thereby, protecting the player from injuries. Shoes that can ably protect the ankle is important; but there are two types the high-top ones that cover and support the ankle, while the medium and low top ones maybe less protective but they are also less restrictive and offer the player, the advantage of agility and flexibility.
  • The sole of the shoes must be suitable for the basketball floor giving adequate grip and traction power.
  • Always test the shoes by wearing it and checking the gap between your longest toe and the shoe end with your thumb. If the gap is adequate, then it is ok in terms of length. If the fit feels snug around your entire feet area, then the width of the shoes is also perfect. Try them on and do a bit of running and jumping to ensure that the back of the shoes does not slip out of your heel.