9 Short Stories You Didn’t Know About HCG

  1. Shed 17 kg in just 40 days

After delivering three healthy children, any woman would have drastically gained weight. No matter how much you try, you will still look fat. Moreover, you have no time to devote to exercises, as you have to work hard to look after the entire household. That is when diets like HCG diet come to your rescue. In just 40 days you can lose up to 17 kgs easily.

  1. Dropped 10 kgs in 4 weeks

Anorexic people have been bullied despite eating well and healthy. However, with time patience gets tested and people resort to eating unhealthy junk food to gain some extra kilos. People do start gaining weight but unfortunately in an unhealthy way. The body is filled with more than the required amount of fat, thus becoming the opposite of anorexic. This will only lead to poor health conditions and worsen the situation. Nevertheless, help is around the corner with the miraculous HCG diet that helps in losing the extra fat.

  1. My Total Loss equals 15 kgs

One of the main drawbacks of suffering from thyroid is the excessive weight gain. No matter what you do and how much you try, fat keeps on depositing in the hips, thighs, arms and around the stomach. It is no joke to walk around like that. That is when doctors suggested the all-new HCG diet, which promises results. It will be the first time when you can be happy about losses. Who wouldn’t be happy when you lose 15 kgs in 35 days?

  1. Progress Report: Day 40

Not fat anymore. So many products including diet pill, shakes, exercises have been tried and tested, however, no significant results have been seen. That is when friends suggested HCG diet – an instant way to lose weight. From 107 kg, weight dropped straight to 99 kg on day 20 and by day 40, weight was close to 91 kg and still continuing.

  1. So far 21 kgs down

All was well until the day of the hysterectomy where the uterus was removed. After that, like every other woman, weight gain was a constant worry. That is when internet searches opened doors to HCG diets. From then on there was no looking back because since then weight has been going down. So far the diet helped reduce 21 kgs easily.

  1. From size 22 to size 16

Did you know that dancers once they stop dancing tend to gain weight excessively and this is really hard to lose? After many trials, HCG drops and diet did the trick that nothing else did. HCG diet drops helped me a lot to reduce weight and get back in shape. Now, the once used size 22 pants have been replaced by size 16. No kidding!

  1. Goodbye 16.5 kgs

Binge eating has resulted in excess weight gain and losing the extra flab is very difficult. Many even suggested going under the knife and getting a bariatric surgery done. However, the thought of surgery is so scary that you start looking for other options. One such effective way to lose weight is by means of HCG diet drops. It works like magic. So far,16.5 kgs have disappeared in the first 40 days.

  1. Lighter and happier by two folds

People suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) tend to gain weight making the situation worse and for those who are trying to conceive, this is a distant dream. However, a quick solution to both is the use of HCG drops. The drops vanish both your problems at once.

  1. Results in the first 20 days

It seems that dieting has become a part and parcel of everyday routine. Different diets have been tried, including low carbohydrate, no carbohydrate, high protein, zero fat, vegan, liquid diet and more. Seeing all these efforts, friends suggested the “HCG diet”. To be honest, visible results can be observed in the first half itself that is with just 20 days. So go ahead and try it out. Live guilt free!