Gastroenterology is a science that deals with the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders and diseases relating to the digestive system. It involves several severe medical conditions such as acid reflux, ulcers, IBS, hepatitis C and jaundice, polyps in the large intestine, bloody stool, pancreatitis, colon cancer, and many more. Another disorder that disturbs the normal functioning of our digestive system is gastroenteritis.

What does gastroenteritis refer to?

When we are going through major diarrhea and vomiting, we often refer it to as stomach flu. These disorders and symptoms are generally because of this specific medical condition. During this condition, the stomach as well as intestines feel severe irritation and ultimately get inflamed and swell up. The main cause that leads to this condition is usually a viral or bacterial infection and also may be due to fungus and parasites.

Typical signs and symptoms:

In this particular stomach disorder, the prime symptoms one experiences include watery diarrhea, heavy vomiting, abdominal pain, cramps, fever, queasiness, and prolonged headache. Because of diarrhea and vomiting, one is bound to feel highly dehydrated. This is why doctors prescribe the patients drink as much liquids as possible for them. Apart from this, the patient also develops symptoms like dry mouth, the feeling of light-headedness, and unsatisfying thirst. These conditions are said to last for less than 2 weeks, however, their results are quite troublesome. If you experience any of these symptoms, you should visit your doctor as soon as you can since delaying this condition might have adverse effects on your health.

Also, if a child is affected by this disorder, you must not send them to daycare or school until the time he or she is totally recuperated. Ensure to consult your doctor before giving any medication to your child in this case as it might backfire big time. Medicines for treating issues like diarrhea and vomiting are usually not given to kids below 5 years of age.

Prevention measures:

Prevention of this medical condition can begin at home. The steps include washing of hands with soap regularly, drinking fresh water, adequate discarding of human waste, and breastfeeding infants instead of feeding them the formula.

Follow these simple steps and secure yourself and your family members from this dangerous disorder for a happy and healthy life.


Have you ever tried working out with weights? If you are fond of working with different weights and have experienced the benefits, you are sure to be interested in trying out newer options to increase the intensity of your workouts.

Weighted vests are a great option that is increasingly becoming popular with the fitness crowd. The weighted vest has to be worn like any other normal vest when you work out. The added weight to your body will increase the energy and strength needed to do the same routine otherwise. This will improve your fitness levels over a period of time and pack in more strength.

Why This Option

Many may wonder why to wear a weighted vest when you add more kilos to the weights you are lifting. The vest acts as an invisible weight as you will not be lifting it manually with your arms. This enables you to add more weight to your workout without straining just your arms or legs.

When the weight is added to your body, the entire body needs to put in extra effort to accomplish the usual fitness goals. This is because the intensity of the entire routine increases and requires you to put in the extra effort. As you cannot drop it midway like you can do it with weights, you benefit more from such a vest.

Where Do You Get One

If you have been observing other working out with a weighted vest, in your local gym, and in videos online, it is time you tried it yourself. You can get some of the best weighted vests online as there is more variety. If you want to try it on before you buy, you can try the local stores that sell fitness equipment.

Never buy a weighted vest just because the number fascinates you. Remember you will have to wear it throughout and it is always better to start slow so that there are no injuries.

BCAAs are branched chain amino acids. These are the supplementary dietary substances prescribed for those who wish to build their body and muscle strength. These are mainly to ensure that the body gets its fair share of essential amino acids every single day. These are the type of amino acids that cannot be synthesized naturally within the body. So, we generally supplement them by consuming protein-rich food. But our diet not always compensates for the daily requirements. This is what makes the BCAA supplements so valuable.

Advantages of taking BCAAs for women:

There are many BCAAs out there in the market. Not all of them suit everyone. You should pick the one right for your body type and your lifestyle as well. Choose from the best BCAA supplement for women. These would be specifically designed for the women’s body and would give good results.

If you take the right BCAA supplement for women and incorporate a good workout routine and a clean and natural diet, here are the noticeable effects of BCAAs you can see in your body.

Target your lean muscle:

As you hit the gym to burn some extra calories, the resistance exercises would all work up and break down your muscles. They have to be rebuilt. This is why one is advised to focus on maintaining a healthy protein rich diet while performing resistance exercise routines. Supplementing a healthy diet with BCAA supplements can ensure that your muscles recover quickly. So when your muscles grow back, they are leaner, stronger and more toned as well.

No more sore muscles after workouts:

The strain on your muscles results in the pain and soreness in your muscles after workouts. By speeding up the recovery process and by strengthening your muscles, BCAAs help avoids muscle soreness. You can thus be ensured of less painful days after your workouts and you can thus focus better on your training.

If you’re looking for a top rated detox center near you, you might get a lot of suggestions. A quick search might yield a long list of the available ones in your location and those nearby. While debating detox for drugs and/or alcohol, there are several issues being talked about. One main among them is the type of treatment required and the type of rehab center to choose. Given that there are so many treatment methods and different duration of programs, it is wise to ask yourself few questions before choosing a center or a treatment method. The first question is the exact type of treatment required and the length of the rehabilitation program offered for the same. Then comes the question about the type of treatment delivered and the methods followed. Some treatments use alternative drugs to help the patient come out of drug or alcohol addiction. This might be prescribed in some severe cases of drug addiction. But this would not be the best choice for those expecting to attain sobriety through treatment.

Sometimes, the drugs used in the treatment itself might turn out harmful for some patients. Each person’s body would react differently to different drugs. You would not want the treatment to backfire. So if possible, it is good to avoid the treatment methods that involve using alternate drugs to curb the addiction. The alternate drugs, sometimes, even if they are not purely harmful or addictive, in the long run, might lead to secondary conditions. One fact to be remembered here is that in the process of helping a person come out of an addiction, an alternate medicine or drug should not be used in such a way that the body then gets dependent on that new drug. Most often there are severe dosage of anti-depressants given to some patients which might come with side-effects.