Avoid The Common 12 Dieting Mistakes

Following a diet specifically designed for you is a good idea, however, many commit the following mistakes. Sonacreamery can help in identifying the various mistakes you are committing and help you find the right diet for your needs.

12 Biggest Dieting Mistakes

  1. Many adopt a diet, simply because someone they know follows it and is benefiting from it. Though this may sound like a good idea as it is a tried and tested diet, it may not have the same effect on everyone.
  2. Each body is different and requirements are different as well. When you come up with a diet for your body type and your needs, it will be more effective than some random diet.
  3. When you are surrounded by people who do not care about your diet or treats it as a joke, it becomes very difficult to keep up with the diet.
  4. While it is smart to cut out certain food groups because they are known to increase weight, it is important to ensure your diet is balanced. Cutting out your carbs or other nutrients completely can have side effects.
  5. One needs to be committed to the diet they have started to follow. The more committed you are to your weight goals; the easier it is to forgo temptations.
  6. Many people starve their bodies in the name of self-control. Starving your body will result in your body hoarding on nutrients and carbs, for future use.
  7. When you don’t drink plenty of water, the body suffers, not only from muscle injury but from digestion issues too.
  8. When you are on a diet, there is no reason to hide it or feel ashamed of it. When you try to hide it from people around you, you will be forced to eat certain foods to keep up the charade.
  9. Not listening to your body is one of the biggest mistakes. If your body is resisting a certain diet, start looking for alternatives.
  10. One can party and have fun while dieting, but partying too much where the diet is totally compromised upon, will not yield the expected results.
  11. When you are surrounded by foods you need to avoid, you will eventually give in to temptation.
  12. It’s ok to let go on certain days, your body needs a break from the diet, hence consider a day off from your diet, every week.

Single Muslims Women Looking For Marriage Online

Times have changed indeed!

As I write this, I am a bit terrified at what I saw and also a bit relieved, both simultaneously. There used to be a time when Muslim girls could not even stay at their parent’s houses beyond the age of puberty. They were thought of as a risk to be kept in the house for too long without seeking an eligible make and giving her off in marriage to someone.

Today, as I browse on the net, I see a lot of Muslim women even at the age of late twenties and early thirties still unmarried. Thankfully, they are educated and are working to look after themselves. It’s heartening to know that their parents are allowing them to challenge the society’s norms and allow them the freedom to push their limits.

In the bargain, I find that a lot of women today are ready to compromise and become even the second or the third wives of men only because the gender ratio in the Muslim world is skewed. Also, another reason for this unfortunate thing is that while there are a lot of eligible bachelors who would be interested in marrying the women, the dissemination of information across countries was not really possible.

Enter Muslim marriage websites!

Information is power indeed. Today, websites such as مواقع زواج are making great strides for Muslim men and women who would like to get married and want to know who is available for them. The present website is the right step towards their first meeting, either virtually or really because once they hook up online and think that they share things in common, they could take the thing to the next level. it is healthy to have a few meetings online before they hook up in the real world.

Open-mindedness is necessary:

Technology is good when put to the right use. Dissemination of such information would not have been ever possible if a website such as this did not exist. If privacy is what is bothering you, rest assured, the website and its information is absolutely confidential. No information that belongs to you can be shared anywhere without your expressed consent.

Can Your Doctor Proscribe PhenQ Avis?

PhenQ is one of the most prominent weight loss pills, especially for those suffering from obesity, for both men and women. Obesity is hazardous to health as well as causes several psychological problems.

PhenQ is aimed at reducing weight but at the same time provides you with sufficient energy to get past a day’s work. It helps in suppressing your appetite by naturally increasing the rate of metabolism in the body. This slimming pill not only aids weight loss but also manages a healthy weight thus keeping you fit.

However, there are many controversies surrounding weight loss pills but PhenQ is not one among them because these pills are trusted and prescribed by the doctors themselves. If you are still doubtful regarding PhenQ, you can find more details regarding the product’s usefulness on Golias.

Why PhenQ is prescribed by doctors?

PhenQ is an amazing pill, which is recommended due to its many natural benefits.

  • It has no side effects
  • It helps in burning body fat by increasing the metabolic rate and thermogenic rate of the body
  • It prevents the production of fat in the body with the help of its natural ingredients
  • It suppresses appetite thus preventing you from eating more than what is necessary
  • It boosts energy due to the inherent capabilities of the ingredients
  • It elevates mood thus preventing emotional overeating

PhenQ Ingredient List

  • Capsimax Powder – This helps in dissolving fat and increases the thermogenic rate in the body.
  • Calcium Carbonate – This helps to strengthen the bones and for maintaining weight.
  • α-Lacys Reset – This helps to reduce body weight and improves muscle mass & strength.
  • L-Carnitine Furmarate – This helps in the conversion of fat to energy, increase levels of energy and alertness.
  • Chromium Picolinate – This helps in the conversion of sugar to energy.
  • Caffeine – This helps in increasing the energy levels, promotes alertness and suppresses appetite.
  • Nopal – This is an amino acid, which controls hunger and cravings and releases energy uniformly throughout the day.


Secrets Health Advantages of Male Enhancement Pills


The secret health benefit of pills is, after all, no secret at all!

Let me start by giving you an analogy:

When we make an effort and lose weight after working out really hard on the gym floor, don’t we find that our confidence level has shot up the roof top? There is a swag that we develop and our style quotient automatically goes up; our skin is also glowing. Now, if you were to say that this is the secret advantage of working out, I would definitely agree with you.

And that is also the case with enhancement pills!

When I first started on a course of enhancement pills that I sourced from an online pharmacy, I knew what I was getting into and I was not hoping too much out of it. Why? Because I had a complete lowdown (and so I thought!) that these pills are a gamble. Sometimes they work miracles while something they act like duds.

My enhancement pills really worked

It was a wonder of wonder when I realize that I was one of the people on whom the pills were effective. The skeptic that I was, I was always under the impression that all pills probably work in the beginning and them they climax and then they are no longer effective because your body becomes immune to their effect.

How much more wrong could I be?

I was in for a surprise when four years later, I find them equally effective on me and I can only thank my stars that at least they are working on me and my money is not going down the drain. I have had most of my best time only when I started with these ills. I don’t see myself stopping them as long as I need them.  I fervently believe that is god sent to me!

Hidden Health Secrets Of Testosterone Boosters

The hormones those are responsible for a promising active sexual life is the Androgen, especially the testosterone hormone. An imbalance in the testosterone hormone can vary drastically affect the sexual life, causing lower libido, low ejaculation, and erectile levels.

How do the hormone levels drop? What causes this imbalance? Well, there are multiple factors causing it, you can blame the stress, food change, lifestyle change, and most importantly the sleep pattern.

Sleeping pattern causes a lot of terrible issues in men, including lower sexual hormone levels. This, in turn, affects the sex life, leading to problems in conceiving for a progeny. With increased stressful life, many people are prone to this hormonal change and are leading a stressed life, with the stressed body.

But, don’t worry there are ways to increase your levels and without any special medication and waiting at your doctor’s clinic. there are testosterone boosters that are available over the counter, that improves the hormonal levels, in turn helping in setting right the rest of the things.

Though the supplements are good and effective to a certain extent, there are possible side effects seen in using few of them, for a longer period of time. So, the best testosterone boosters you can buy are the easily available fruits and vegetable, plus some added sleep, without much stress. If you follow this prescription religiously, then we can assure you great results in just a few months.

Having a healthy diet, good active lifestyle, with some good sound sleep will eventually improve your overall health. A healthy diet doesn’t ask you to eat all raw like apes, but, eating most of fruits and veggies, low on junk and packed food, staying active at least thrice a week, and catching up on some naps to combat the lost sleep is all that you need to do right away.

9 Short Stories You Didn’t Know About HCG

  1. Shed 17 kg in just 40 days

After delivering three healthy children, any woman would have drastically gained weight. No matter how much you try, you will still look fat. Moreover, you have no time to devote to exercises, as you have to work hard to look after the entire household. That is when diets like HCG diet come to your rescue. In just 40 days you can lose up to 17 kgs easily.

  1. Dropped 10 kgs in 4 weeks

Anorexic people have been bullied despite eating well and healthy. However, with time patience gets tested and people resort to eating unhealthy junk food to gain some extra kilos. People do start gaining weight but unfortunately in an unhealthy way. The body is filled with more than the required amount of fat, thus becoming the opposite of anorexic. This will only lead to poor health conditions and worsen the situation. Nevertheless, help is around the corner with the miraculous HCG diet that helps in losing the extra fat.

  1. My Total Loss equals 15 kgs

One of the main drawbacks of suffering from thyroid is the excessive weight gain. No matter what you do and how much you try, fat keeps on depositing in the hips, thighs, arms and around the stomach. It is no joke to walk around like that. That is when doctors suggested the all-new HCG diet, which promises results. It will be the first time when you can be happy about losses. Who wouldn’t be happy when you lose 15 kgs in 35 days?

  1. Progress Report: Day 40

Not fat anymore. So many products including diet pill, shakes, exercises have been tried and tested, however, no significant results have been seen. That is when friends suggested HCG diet – an instant way to lose weight. From 107 kg, weight dropped straight to 99 kg on day 20 and by day 40, weight was close to 91 kg and still continuing.

  1. So far 21 kgs down

All was well until the day of the hysterectomy where the uterus was removed. After that, like every other woman, weight gain was a constant worry. That is when internet searches opened doors to HCG diets. From then on there was no looking back because since then weight has been going down. So far the diet helped reduce 21 kgs easily.

  1. From size 22 to size 16

Did you know that dancers once they stop dancing tend to gain weight excessively and this is really hard to lose? After many trials, HCG drops and diet did the trick that nothing else did. HCG diet drops helped me a lot to reduce weight and get back in shape. Now, the once used size 22 pants have been replaced by size 16. No kidding!

  1. Goodbye 16.5 kgs

Binge eating has resulted in excess weight gain and losing the extra flab is very difficult. Many even suggested going under the knife and getting a bariatric surgery done. However, the thought of surgery is so scary that you start looking for other options. One such effective way to lose weight is by means of HCG diet drops. It works like magic. So far,16.5 kgs have disappeared in the first 40 days.

  1. Lighter and happier by two folds

People suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) tend to gain weight making the situation worse and for those who are trying to conceive, this is a distant dream. However, a quick solution to both is the use of HCG drops. The drops vanish both your problems at once.

  1. Results in the first 20 days

It seems that dieting has become a part and parcel of everyday routine. Different diets have been tried, including low carbohydrate, no carbohydrate, high protein, zero fat, vegan, liquid diet and more. Seeing all these efforts, friends suggested the “HCG diet”. To be honest, visible results can be observed in the first half itself that is with just 20 days. So go ahead and try it out. Live guilt free!

Taking Care of Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can be very nasty and painful. It is imperative to do all that one can to prevent such injuries and should they occur, the best recourse to take to be able to heal them completely.

There are many tips that you can follow or products that you can use to prevent, reduce such harmful injuries. As experts point out, prevention is indeed better than cure. Therefore, when you are all set to play do keep these salient points in mind:

  • Follow a good and optimum balance of exercise regime supplemented with nutritious diet.
  • If you have a pain/ dull ache while working out or playing, do not ignore it. Get it checked and fixed so that it does not morph into something bigger and nastier.
  • Check for good-quality protective gear that you can wear to prevent potential injury or reduce the intensity of pain, such as a quality knee brace, which is usually worn to protect your knee and legs from giving in during and after training and side-line you from your routine activities. These gears are useful to not only prevent sports injury but also help the user to recover from one and prevent re-injury.
  • If you are into any sporting activity, do make sure that you train and condition your whole body and improve your overall stamina and strength. Apart from this, you may also have to do specific sports-related conditioning too, to be able to meet any requirements of your chosen sport.

Sportsmen can prevent and reduce the occurrence of common injuries if they learned to take care of their bodies. It is important to treat and heal sports injuries to prevent further complications. Do not resort to self-treatment, get your injuries treated professionally at the earliest for the treatment to be more effective and helpful.

Ways to Keep a Healthy Lifestyle after Your Gymnastics Career

One misunderstands being healthy as eating salad occasionally or going for a short walk once in a few weeks’ time. However, the truth is that to be healthy after your gymnastics career ends it is important that you put in a lot of effort to maintain your physical health. It is important to eat healthy food consistently and include lots of physical activity. Unhealthy habits should be avoided at all cost. It would need some improvements to lifestyle and some adjustments to be done gradually.

To begin with it is important that you choose to eat those food that have less amount of unhealthy fat.These will increase the LDL cholesterol levels which will lead to increase in risk of heart diseases. After your gymnastics career these are the best cheap gymnastic bars for sale.

It is however essential that your diet includes healthy fat like mono-unsaturated fats, poly-unsaturated fat and omega-3 fats. This helps to lower the LDL cholesterol and it raises the HDL cholesterol and this leads to lesser risk of having any heart diseases. It is important that the healthy fat should also be consumed in moderation.

Food that is low in sugar and refined carbohydrates should be selected. Consumption of soft drinks, white bread, sweets and sugary juices should be avoided. Whole grain bread and fruits should form a part of your diet.

It is important that one eats a variety of food which offers a balance of proteins, healthy carbohydrates, nutrients and fats. Vegetables and fruits have high mineral and vitamin content andit is important to choose the fresh produces over the canned ones. Tofu, beans and lean met offer protein to the body. Whole grains and low fat dairy products should also form a part of your regular diet.

You could even consider incorporating organic food in your diet as they are more nutritious and do not contain any additives or pesticides.


Urine VS. Blood: Which Should You Test For Drugs?

Drug testing is only a common pre-employment criteria these days, owing to the safety protocols followed to ensure a safer work environment for all those involved. Especially in the case of few critical jobs like the public transportation, the healthcare, the police department and so on, the need to perform the drug testing on the applicant is only obvious as not only his/her life but also the precious lives of the public are at peril here.

So, if you are expected to undergo one for the above-mentioned valid reasons you should be careful enough to choose the right testing method so that you do not end up being rejected. Yes, even though you are not a drug addict or an occasional consumer of illicit drugs, many over the counter medicines can make you test positive for the drugs, which means you have to choose the appropriate testing method, especially among the commonly used blood or urine method to avoid any dismissals and embarrassments.

  • Blood Test

If you are not sure whether the over the counter medicine that you are consuming is free of suspicious drugs then, avoid undertaking the blood test because it not only provides an accurate result but also it is impossible to camouflage the drug’s presence in the blood that naturally portrays you as a guilty for no offense of yours. Also, finding the history of drug addiction is quite possible using the blood sample and hence, obviously not a suitable choice if you are an intentional drug consumer.

  • Urine Test

This method is the best one, which any of the candidates should opt for to prove his/her innocence because apart from being a non-invasive and a non-painful method, you can also find effective ways to conceal the presence of unaware drugs in your body, quite easily. For example, this site has great tips for passing a urine drug test that are not only effective but also easy to be pursued by anyone and everyone concerned!

Oral Health For All Stages Of Life

The more the emphasis of dental health the better:

Like all good habits, healthy dental habits must start right from a very early age and must continue till the end. It is not because of the cosmetic benefits of it but because it is connected with all the other faculties of the body as well.

I remember so well when I was young and quite lackadaisical about my oral hygiene I used to have headaches very often. The visit to the dentist was given those days in my household where mom and dad took us for bi-annual checkups and he would once in a while numb our mouth to pull out a decaying tooth. The real problem would start once the anesthesia would start to wear off and we would realize that the nerves of the head almost up to the jaw were strained even when we had to open our mouth to eat or speak.

I wish we had paid more heed to oral hygiene then:

Now when I look back, I seem to regret a wee bit that if I had taken a little more care of my teeth, probably I would have not got my dentures in early fifties itself. Well, let the bygones be bygones, but I definitely make it a point to tell my grandchildren when they visit me to take good care of their teeth and mouth hygiene. The little one, Jacob, particularly sneers at me when he sees me removing my dentures or fixing them back!

Recently this new problem:

I had this problem of my denture becoming loose every few months. The dentist I see told me it’s because of shrinking of the jaw bones. She recommended a new powder adhesive which has worked wonders for me since. There is a small pharmacy across my street and I got the best denture glue for my teeth here. If you have dentures that loosen with time, you must talk to your dentist and get denture glue for yourself. It saves a lot of embarrassment when your grandchildren are around, I’d like to add!

Have You Been Suffering Bad Hair Days Lately?



Imagine you have been to a salon and got a comprehensive hair care treatment done; spa et al and then within three days you start dreading the fact that your hair has already lost the sheen that it had when you walked out of the salon!

You try to decipher why your hair is acting up and why it cannot shine the way other people’s does. Well, a little introspection does yield you the answer to your quest and you realized that you have not oiled your hair sufficiently well all these years because you never wanted it to stick to your scalp. Additionally, you have never been prudent enough to cover up your once beautiful and bouncy mane from the travails of the mighty sun! Wait, Sunlight?!

But you always thought sunlight was good for your hair! After all it provides the hair with vitamin D that nothing else can!

You are confused!

Well, let me explain. Even though sun is the best source of deriving Vitamin D, too much exposure to the sunlight and the other harmful rays of sunlight including the UV rays can damage the upper protective layer of the hair resulting in the loss of shine and also leading to damaged hair, split ends and uncontrolled frizz.

The treatment:

The best course to follow is to maintain a well oiled mane especially using jasmine infused coconut oil for the right grease and fragrance. Washing your hair twice a week and going out covered in the sun especially with a scarf are the things you will need to create a habit about. Additionally, taking supplementary tablets of Vitamin E and other minerals like phosphate and iron is definitely going to help the cause of hair fall and prevent bad hair days. One last thing is never comb/brush your hair even if they are slightly damp. Use them only when they are completely dry.

Basketball Shoes for Aspiring Professionals

  • Investing in a good suitable pair of shoes is imperative for any sports person. For an aspiring basketball player, choosing the most suitable shoes for running, jumping, and making those quick changes in direction is probably the best decision that can make or break his game. It is essential that the basketball shoes be of high quality and minimizes the possibility of ankle, foot, and leg injuries.
  • So, how does one choose the perfect basketball shoes? The best qualities of a basketball shoes that even Jordan could wear are given below:
  • The first thing that you can do towards this is to get your feet measured at an athletic shoes store for professionals. A correct measurement of feet will help you decide whether you require a with a wide or narrow fit.
  • Your shoes need to suit your style of play in basketball, or whatever your role in the team.For example,if you are a power player, heavier pair of shoes packed with strength to sustain maybe suitable for you; Or if you are a quickie, agile player whose presence is required all over the court, a lightweight cushioned shoe with lot of grip is needed to give you the fast movement, support, and flexibility.
  • Any good basketball shoe pair needs to give its wearer, support; thereby, protecting the player from injuries. Shoes that can ably protect the ankle is important; but there are two types the high-top ones that cover and support the ankle, while the medium and low top ones maybe less protective but they are also less restrictive and offer the player, the advantage of agility and flexibility.
  • The sole of the shoes must be suitable for the basketball floor giving adequate grip and traction power.
  • Always test the shoes by wearing it and checking the gap between your longest toe and the shoe end with your thumb. If the gap is adequate, then it is ok in terms of length. If the fit feels snug around your entire feet area, then the width of the shoes is also perfect. Try them on and do a bit of running and jumping to ensure that the back of the shoes does not slip out of your heel.

My Experience That Thought Me The Connection Between Clean Carpet And Health

I discovered the connection only after a horrible experience:

It was in winter of that year that we had shifted into the new house. The house was bare except for the carpets and the modular kitchen that the previous home owners had left behind. The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the carpet was to not have them even one minute longer.

Even though there were no stains and it was immaculately maintained there was something going on at the back of my mind. The previous experience kept haunting me and surely enough I had reason to be paranoid.

Three years ago, when we had shifted into our previous home, we could not really afford to change the carpet and thus we used the carpet area the same way that it came with the house. I was expecting my first child then. I was also clocking in three hours of desk work from home and I was not able to vacuum the house more than once in a week.

My scans were normal but:

I was at my obstetrician and six months into pregnancy when my doctor reported that everything was fine with the fetus. One week later, I had to be taken to the hospice in an ambulance because of some kind of rash that I was developing all over my body.

The rash could only be contained if I took a medicine that would be extremely harmful for the baby inside. This dilemma was heart breaking. The doctors went ahead and prescribed the medicine at the risk f losing my baby!

The bug that had bit me was found in hordes at the base of the carpet that was all over the house. Thankfully, there was no untoward incident with the baby and I recovered in some time but I was also into severe depression because of all this development.

Once bitten twice shy:

This time the carpet was pulled out and a new one laid instead and now every six months I call a company to do the cleaning. This is the best carpet cleaner in Las Vegas and I must say the service is really impressive.

Health Benefits Of Going To The Spa

People have mixed opinions about going to the spas. But one cannot deny the numerous health benefits attached with going to the spas. I love the spas in Singapore. You can find a variety of services all delivered by well-trained professionals, at affordable prices.

Here are the advantages of going to the spas on a regular basis:

  1. Promotes better sleep:

People suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders have reported better sleep after their spa day. The tension that gathers in your muscles would be eliminated when you hit the spa.

  1. Helps de-stress:

Modern lifestyle has a lot of implications on the health. One of the worst curses of the current day lifestyle is stress. Work, family and the pressure of staying ahead in the race causes a lot of stress. Spas are wonderful ways to de-stress. This prevents occurrence of stress associate health issues.

  1. Regulates blood pressure:

Overall cardiovascular health can be improved by going to the spas. Water can work wonders on the body. One such wonder is the enhancement of the blood volume being pumped to the various organs. This would leave you with a healthy heart. People with hypertension can benefit a great deal by attending spa services on a regular basis.

  1. Pain and soreness can be addressed:

In most cases pain in the muscles and joints are due to the tenseness in the body. People suffering from aches after injury and health conditions can achieve relief by going to the spa. The hot water does the trick. This can help the muscles relax and alleviates the soreness in the muscles and makes the healing process quicker and bearable.

Spas in general also come in to deep cleanse the body. After a long and busy week, a spa day during the weekend can leave you feeling rejuvenated and fresh.


Look Up Sidcup Dentists For Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Though Cosmetic surgery and procedures are done almost on any part of the body to improve the appearance, cosmetic dentistry finds a special place as many of the procedures are essential rather than elective. The most common procedures in cosmetic dentistry are simple and only few of them are very complex that requires special kind of care.

Here are some of the most common cosmetic dental procedures offered by sidcup dentists, with minimal to no complications.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays are indirect fillings used when there is a tooth decay that is mild or moderate. It is also done when the tooth structure cannot support the filling. Inlays are placed on the tooth surface if the tooth cusps have no damage. But when the tooth is more damaged, an Onlay is used to cover the entire surface of the tooth. Inlays and Onlays are used to strengthen the teeth by avoiding further decay and help in the restoration process.

Composite Bonding

As the name suggests, it makes use of a material to bond with the decayed tooth. This procedure is done on decayed, damaged or discoloured teeth by drilling the decay. Then, the material that resembles the colour of the enamel is applied to the surface of the teeth and sculpted to the right shape. Bonding is a very simple and inexpensive procedure.

Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers are custom-made for every individual and they resemble one’s natural teeth. They help to resolve a lot of cosmetic problems like crooked teeth, damaged enamel and gaps between two teeth. Veneers (made from medical grade ceramic) are fixed to the front of each tooth with the help of a dental adhesive.

Teeth Whitening

This is one of the basic cosmetic procedures done. This procedure is usually done after the cleaning of plaque, tartar and other debris for restoring the colour of the teeth. Teeth Whitening is a procedure that can be done wither at the dentist’s clinic or even at home.


When there is a teeth loss, dental implants are used. Wherever there is tooth loss, the dentist inserts a titanium screw at that place and a crown is placed on that screw. The implants look so natural that they are indistinguishable from the natural teeth.

If you think you need of getting any of these cosmetic dentistry procedures done, it is important for you to fix an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. Check for a sidcup dentist if you are residing in that area and get the required procedures done by an experienced person.

Why Shouldn’t You Choose A Rehab Treatment That Involves Substitution Of Drugs To Treat The Addiction?

If you’re looking for a top rated detox center near you, you might get a lot of suggestions. A quick search might yield a long list of the available ones in your location and those nearby. While debating detox for drugs and/or alcohol, there are several issues being talked about. One main among them is the type of treatment required and the type of rehab center to choose. Given that there are so many treatment methods and different duration of programs, it is wise to ask yourself few questions before choosing a center or a treatment method. The first question is the exact type of treatment required and the length of the rehabilitation program offered for the same. Then comes the question about the type of treatment delivered and the methods followed. Some treatments use alternative drugs to help the patient come out of drug or alcohol addiction. This might be prescribed in some severe cases of drug addiction. But this would not be the best choice for those expecting to attain sobriety through treatment.

Sometimes, the drugs used in the treatment itself might turn out harmful for some patients. Each person’s body would react differently to different drugs. You would not want the treatment to backfire. So if possible, it is good to avoid the treatment methods that involve using alternate drugs to curb the addiction. The alternate drugs, sometimes, even if they are not purely harmful or addictive, in the long run, might lead to secondary conditions. One fact to be remembered here is that in the process of helping a person come out of an addiction, an alternate medicine or drug should not be used in such a way that the body then gets dependent on that new drug. Most often there are severe dosage of anti-depressants given to some patients which might come with side-effects.